About the GHFA

Who We Are

Founded by industry leaders and facilitated by IHRSA amidst the worldwide COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, the Global Health & Fitness Alliance (GHFA) comprises CEO's and C-suite leaders and stakeholders representing health and fitness club operators, suppliers, national and international associations, and allied organizations. The GHFA is open to all volunteers who agree to push the following agenda:

  • Represent the industry at a global level in dialogues with the World Health Organization, OECD, UNESCO, and other UN or international entities;
  • Share evidence on the industry’s immense value to society and public health;
  • Establish health and fitness clubs as an essential part of the health continuum; and
  • Lay new foundations for the future growth and success of the entire sector.

Global Collaboration

The GHFA Advisory Council is supported by C-suite multinational working groups—leaders who collaborate on and help drive forward critical initiatives, such as research projects.

The network doesn’t stop there. The Global Health & Fitness Alliance creates a unified voice for the worldwide health and fitness industry. Those who lead the Council as well as group volunteers promote standards, policies, and regulations that support the entire industry's operations and needs.

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Meet the GHFA Advisory Council

This group of industry veterans brings experience and passion that will assist the GHFA in its mission to advocate to the WHO, OECD, UNESCO, and other UN and international organizations to influence the agendas of national governments.


Andrea Bell, Chair

Co-founder & Director, Inspire Brands Asia


Richard Beddie, Vice Chair
IHRSA Board Representative

CEO, Exercise New Zealand | Board Chief of Staff, ICREPS


Giglio Aycardi

Co-founder & Executive Vice President, Bodytech Corporation


McCall Gosselin

SVP Communications & Corporate Responsibility, Planet Fitness


Brian Morris

Founder & CEO, Aspria Group


Justin Musgrove

CEO, Kun Real Estate


Greg Oliver

CEO & Managing Director, Fitness & Lifestyle Group APAC | Founder, Debit Success


Emmett Williams

Partner, Myzone


Anastasia Yusina

President, Strata Fitness Holding | Founder, Orange Fitness, City Fitness, & FITSPACE Boutique Fitness


Established to represent the worldwide health and fitness industry, the GHFA is a broad group of leading health club operators, suppliers, and national and international associations and allied organizations. IHRSA supports and operates the Global Health & Fitness Alliance.

IHRSA membership is not required to join the GHFA. Although the Global Health & Fitness Alliance is facilitated by IHRSA, it is open to all volunteers that fit the eligibility criteria.

As IHRSA contributes part of international membership dues to the GHFA, we encourage all GHFA volunteers to join IHRSA to support the only global association representing health clubs, gyms, studios, spas, fitness facilities, and any other organized exercise businesses.

The Global Health & Fitness Alliance exists to primarily focus on advocacy at a global level, which includes providing evidence and educating decision makers worldwide about the essential contribution the health and fitness industry makes to society and public health. Drawing together C-suite industry leaders from across the world to guide the industry and align its voice, it is a powerful alliance that includes other national and international associations with support from industry suppliers.

IHRSA provides the operational funding for the Global Health & Fitness Alliance along with volunteer support from the GHFA Advisory Council and working groups. The current research reports are funded through donations from a variety of GHFA leaders—e.g., club operators, national associations, and suppliers.

The Global Health & Fitness Alliance already secured backing from all corners of the globe, but if you haven’t yet signed up, we continue to welcome new supporters. All applications are reviewed on the basis of global representation, thought leadership, and authority to move projects at pace.

Please contact us at ghfa@ihrsa.org.