Proving Value, Supporting Growth, & Promoting Contributions

The Global Health & Fitness Alliance

The Global Health & Fitness Alliance (GHFA) is a group made up of C-suite level leaders, influencers, and stakeholders representing the global health and fitness industry. Facilitated by IHRSA, GHFA members collaborate to provide evidence on the industry’s value to society and public health, increase the recognition and credibility of health clubs, gyms, and studios as essential services, and lay new foundations for the future growth and success of the entire industry.

Health & Fitness Clubs Are Essential


Our Commitment

The GHFA mission:

Gain global recognition for health and fitness clubs as an essential service that is wholly committed to getting more people physically active and improving overall health.


Today's Challenges

We are focused on proving—and being globally recognized for—the many vital contributions health clubs provide for physical, mental, and emotional health. To elevate credibility and recognition, we are working towards building a more inclusive industry.


Tomorrow's Opportunities

The future focuses are the evolution and growth of the health and fitness industry. A broader realm, new opportunities and collaborations, an even greater role in addressing physical inactivity, and to be integrated with the global healthcare continuum.


Quantifying the Impact of the Global Health & Fitness Sector

Commissioned by the GHFA and IHRSA, the Economic Health & Societal Well-being: Quantifying the Impact of the Global Health & Fitness Sector Global Report is a landmark resource for the health and fitness industry. Produced by Deloitte, the report includes critical economic and socioeconomic industry data from 46 countries—totaling 90% of global GDP.

This first-of-its-kind report gives health club owners and operators the necessary information to educate policymakers on the critical role the industry plays in the healthcare continuum and provides health clubs with relevant data to show how the industry improves health and wellness worldwide.

*Individual country reports are $495 each for non-members. The full report is available to purchase for $1,995 for non-members. The reports are free for select IHRSA members.


The Road to Essential: Addressing Inactivity

The World Health Organization (WHO) aims to reduce global physical inactivity by 15% by 2030. The GHFA is advocating for the health and fitness industry to be recognized as an integral part of the solution.


Health, Not Hospitality

COVID lockdowns forced health clubs to close at the very moment physical, mental, and emotional health services were needed more than ever. The GHFA cumulates evidence of the industry’s overall health impact as grounds to be recategorized as part of the healthcare industry.


No Equivalent Substitute

The industry's robust programming, expertise, and community environment, combined with its reach and impact reveals there is no equivalent substitute for health clubs, gyms, and studios. The GHFA works to quantify and qualify the industry's vital contribution to society and overall health and well-being.


Every Bit Essential

The GHFA strives to mark fitness facilities globally as essential businesses. Closing facilities or removing spaces where the public can be active—even temporarily—can have a long-term impact on physical activity levels and population health. Decision makers must understand the critical role facilities have.