IHRSA created this chart to help you easily compare COVID-19 guidelines in each state.

U.S. Reopening Guidelines Comparison [CHART]

While most health and fitness clubs around the country have been allowed to reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the guidelines that clubs must follow are different in each state. Often these guidelines can be challenging to interpret and even more difficult to compare. IHRSA has put together this chart to summarize the various policies that health clubs must follow in each state.

We designed this resource to act as a comparison of COVID-19 operating guidelines between states. Its primary use is for discussing restrictions with your local public health officials. State governments often look for best practices that have been employed in other states when confronting an issue, and reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic is no different.

This chart will allow you to quickly compare and contrast guidelines to provide the best information to your local officials. The chart includes information on:

  • Capacity Restrictions
  • Social Distancing Requirements
  • Cleaning Protocols
  • HVAC Requirements
  • Employee/Customer Entry Screening

Please note that this chart is a streamlined summary of guidance from around the country and should not be used as your only resource when thinking about how to operate your health club. Please consult state and local guidance directly for complete and up-to-date operational guidelines. Links to state guidelines can be found within the chart.

If you have questions regarding the chart or have noticed that your state has updated guidelines that are not reflected on the chart please feel free to reach out to gr@ihrsa.org.

U.S. Reopening Guidelines Comparison [CHART]

“It is critical that you follow the guidelines in your state and municipality, check them frequently to ensure you are up to date. Compliance with these rules is what will keep your members safe and your clubs open.”

—Jeff Perkins, IHRSA Assistant Vice President of Government Relations