The 2021 IHRSA Media Report covers data, statistics, and trends of the U.S. health and fitness consumer from 2019 and amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Each year, IHRSA researches and reports on the fitness industry’s performance and consumer behavior trends. The Media Report specifically focuses on U.S. health club consumer trends to assist members of the media when covering a story on the health and fitness industry. 

This year’s report details fitness industry trends and data from 2019 and covers the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on health clubs and the industry as a whole. 

The 2021 IHRSA Media Report includes:

  • What We Know So Far About COVID’s Impact on the Fitness Industry 
  • The Fitness Industry’s Response to COVID 
  • 10 Key Findings, 10 Years of Fitness Consumer Trends 
  • U.S. Fitness Industry by the Numbers 
  • Where Americans Choose to Workout 
  • Price American’s Pay for Fitness 
  • Who Is Going to Health Clubs 
  • The New Normal: Gym Member Outlook Post COVID 
  • Biggest Issues Facing the Fitness Industry 
  • Why Americans Exercise at Health Clubs/Gyms

We hope that the following information helps you develop accurate, compelling coverage of fitness clubs, their members, and the countless benefits these clubs provide to their communities.

If you have any questions about this report, the industry, or would like to receive news alerts about health club industry trends, email pr@ihrsa.org.

Download the 2021 IHRSA Media Report

“This data shows how health clubs and studios are adapting to the new normal to meet the needs and demands of today's fitness consumer and provides a snapshot of membership growth and trends. While the future presents many challenges, the industry is prepared to continue helping their customers and communities to lead healthy and active lives.”

—Melissa Rodriguez, MBA, IHRSA Senior Research Manager